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Why not visit Huxter & Davy if you are looking for opticians in Liskeard? Just a short trip towards the Cornish coast, you can combine your check-up with a stroll along the quayside. At our clinics, you’ll receive a personal service that puts your comfort and health first and foremost. Our team are dedicated to the field of ocular health and, as a result, have built a reputation locally for our clinical excellence. All examinations are tailored to your needs and, should corrective lenses be required, we can help you find the perfect glasses. Additionally, if you should be referred for further treatment, our aftercare services are equally robust. We can treat patients of all ages, and provide vision testing whether you pay for your eye tests or qualify for NHS eye testing. Contact us today to book an appointment.

What to expect during your eye examination

We ask that you please allow a minimum of 40 minutes for your eye examination. This is so that your optometrist can provide you with the attention and focus you deserve. First, we’ll assess your current vision and eye health and discuss any issues or concerns you may have. This allows us to establish the most suitable testing methods, which could include slit lamp examination, retinal imaging, indirect ophthalmoscopy and Glaucoma pressure testing (also known as the puff test). If required, we’ll issue a prescription for corrective lenses. Then, the aftercare team can help you select some glasses or set you up with a contact lens trial if preferred. 

Looking A Little Deeper – OCT Scanning

In addition to a standard eye exam, we also provide OCT scanning that helps us delve a little deeper into your eye health. Within a matter of seconds, over 1000 images are taken across the back of your eye and optic nerve. These are then layered to offer a highly accurate insight into the condition of your eye. Particularly beneficial to diabetics and our older clients, an OCT can help us spot potential issues long before symptoms develop.

The Importance of Ocular health care

For many, an eye exam is nothing more than a check-up for peace of mind, requiring no further action. However, failure to attend routine appointments bi-annually, or more frequently if needed, could be detrimental for your health. Ocular examinations can identify the risk, or onset of, a number of health problems that can be treated or reversed if spotted early enough. Examples include:

Glasses or Contact lenses - Which is best?

There is no straight answer regarding whether glasses or contact lenses are best for an individual. Everyone is unique and your corrective eyewear needs to work for you and your lifestyle. Thus, we not only stock a broad range of women’s, men’s and children’s glasses from leading brands but also provide bespoke, made-to-measure frames. Plus, if our specs don’t work for your activity levels, job, or you just don’t like the feel, we offer contact lens trials too. Test the water by going spectacle-free with a trial of either our ‘dailies’ or reusable contacts, and see if they work for you before committing.

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