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If you are looking for opticians in Newquay, then why not pay us a visit? Situated just a short drive away, our clinic provides each and every customer with a personal and attentive experience. Your eye health is our priority, and so we tailor our services to suit your individual needs, from the testing we carry out to the lenses you choose. There are plenty of stylish frames available in-store and our customer service team can help you find your perfect pair. We also offer contact lens trials. Our experienced team are on hand to ensure you receive the very best standard of eye care, making it well worth the trip! Huxter & Davy provide vision testing whether you pay for your eye tests or qualify for NHS eye testing. So, simply get in touch today to book your appointment.

Eye examination and assessment

Your initial assessment and examination will be conducted by a highly qualified optometrist, who will identify the most suitable tests based on your current eye health. Then, over the course of around 40 minutes, they will perform various tests, such as refraction testing, slit lamp examinations, indirect ophthalmoscopy, retinal photography, and the well-known ‘puff test’. This will allow us to identify any vision impairments and also assess you for other ocular health problems, such as Glaucoma, cataracts, or diabetic retinopathy.

Exploring Further Via Optical Coherence Tomography

An Optical Coherence Tomography scan (or OCT as it is better known) is an additional service we can provide for those with a keen interest in understanding their eye health more acutely. A quick process, the scanner takes vast numbers of images at high speed and orders them to paint a detailed picture of your eye’s condition. Accessing the rear of the eye and the optic nerve, these tests get deep to the root of potential problems, even spotting them before they properly develop.

Passionate about your eye health

You may not consider your vision day-to-day, but we are quick to notice when something goes wrong. We are passionate about eye health and so actively encourage our customers to maintain good habits. Such as:

Stylish Eyewear for all occasions

Following your examination, we may need to prescribe corrective lenses to improve your vision. If this is the case, never fear, because we have a whole host of stylish frames in stock from leading brands. So, we are sure to have the perfect pair to suit your style and lifestyle. If you can’t find the right match among the top lines we stock, including Revo, Oakley and RayBan, then we can make you a bespoke set instead. Spectacles can be crafted in your preferred colour and design and will be made to made-to-measure for the perfect fit. They will then be delivered in-store so we can make sure they are perfect before you take them away.

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