Contact Lenses

If you wear contacts or you are considering a switch to contact lenses, then come and see us at Huxter & Davy Opticians. Our optometrists will provide you with expert support in your transition to an alternative way of seeing the world. This includes a contact lens consultation as well as lens care and application advice. We also offer contact lens trials so you can test the water and see if they are right for you. A full eye examination can also ensure prescriptions are up to date.

Visit us for contact lenses in both Looe, Torpoint, Padstow and Kingsbridge.

A Smooth Transition to Contacts

Are contact lenses right for you? Find out at Huxter & Davy Opticians, where we can provide expert advice on lens use, as well as eye examinations to establish your needs. There are several reasons why people choose to wear contact lenses instead of, or in combination with glasses, such as:

Daily contact lenses, also referred to as disposable contact lenses or ‘dailies’, are single-use lenses that are discarded after use. Thus, making them low maintenance and convenient. Alternatively, reusables provide a thicker lens, are less prone to damage and can provide a more comfortable fit for some people. We stock a wide range of daily and reusable lenses and can help ensure your prescription is accurate with routine eye tests.

If you are new to contact lenses or your prescription requirements have changed then you may wish to take a contact lens trial. A trial will give you the opportunity to assess how the lens feels before you make the transition. Thus, helping to decide whether long term contact lens use is the right choice for you. Get in touch today to discuss our trial options or to book an appointment.

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Contact Huxter & Davy Opticians or pop into one of our branches if you are considering contact lenses in Looe, Torpoint, Padstow and Kingsbridge.

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