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Our opticians in Padstow are on hand to ensure you and your family receive the very best eye care and corrective treatment possible. When you visit, you can expect the personal service and one-to-one care you deserve. Following an eye examination, our experienced optometrists will provide any necessary prescriptions and aftercare advice. If correction is required, we can help you select the perfect frames to fit your lifestyle or supply a contact lens trial if preferred. We stock a wide variety of stylish and versatile glasses from many of the leading brands. Whether a new or an existing customer, you can expect the very best level of care during every visit. We provide vision testing in Padstow whether you pay for your eye tests or qualify for NHS eye testing. So, if you need an appointment, book with us today.

Eyesight tests

Eyesight tests should be carried out every two years, though this is often more frequent for under 16s and the over 70s. Appointments last around 40 minutes and include:

Further assessments and OCT scans

Whether due to our recommendation following an eye test, or simply curiosity, further assessment via an OCT scan can be highly beneficial. Done in seconds, the imaging technology takes 1000s of snaps of the rear of the eye and optical nerve and displays a clear, in-depth picture of its condition. The result, early identification of conditions such as Glaucoma, detached retinas, macular holes, age-related degeneration, diabetic retinopathy; potentially as much as four years ahead of alternative testing methods.

Professional eye care you can trust

An invaluable capability that we often take for granted, our eyesight is often neglected when we consider our physical wellbeing. However, when vision becomes impaired it is much harder to ignore. There are many conditions that can impair ones ability to see, including cataracts, refractive errors, macular degeneration, and Glaucoma. Booking regular check-ups with us ensures you get the professional eye care you deserve as well as helping to reduce the likelihood of vision loss and blindness.

Quality eyewear for all occasions

We have a diverse selection of high-quality frames from leading brands, suitable for all occasions. From classic luxury lines such as Gucci, Etnia Barcelona and award-winning Tom Ford, to modern, on-trend options such as RayBan and Revo, there is ample choice. Additionally, we stock equally fashionable and sun-safe shades, with polarized lenses, for maximum UV protection when in the great outdoors. Visit us in branch to browse the range and try before you buy.

See clear with corrective contact lenses

If glasses aren’t for you, we also provide both daily and reusable contact lenses. Perfect for use during physical activities and reducing obstruction, contacts are now the go-to vision correction solution for many people. However, if you are new to contacts, never fear! You are welcome to take advantage of our lens trials, where you can sample them short-term and determine whether they’re right for your lifestyle. Simply speak to us in-store to request a trial period.

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