What To Expect During Your

Eye Test

We provide eye examinations at our Looe, Torpoint, Padstow and Kingsbridge branches. Our friendly and experienced optometrists will conduct a thorough eye examination, assess your eyesight and if needed, provide a prescription for corrective lenses. We are committed to providing a personal experience so that our patients receive the one-to-one specialist care that they deserve. Contact us today to arrange an eye test or to make an enquiry about eye health.

Your Appointment

Everyone should be able to access quality eye care, and we believe it is important for you to be given the time you need to have your concerns fully answered. 

Your appointment will last around 40 minutes and will include, as a minimum: 

  • A full discussion of your visual health and requirements to allow the optometrist to perform the most appropriate visual tests and address any concerns.
  • Careful refraction to determine your optimum glasses prescription.
  • In-depth health assessment, including retinal imaging where indicated.
  • Summary and explanation. Your optometrist will go through all the findings and answer any questions you may have. They will discuss with you the best options to correct your vision and maintain your eye health. 

We use a slit lamp and indirect ophthalmoscopy as standard to thoroughly examine your eyes. This allows a highly magnified, 3D view of the structures in your eye from the cornea at the front to the retina right at the back.

Your optometrist can detect the early signs of many ocular conditions such as dry eye, cataract, glaucoma, diabetes, and macular degeneration (AMD).

Digital retinal photography images allow us to monitor your eye health overtime more accurately and can highlight very small details of blood vessel and optic nerve health. Early detection is key in many eye diseases.

Many people dislike having their intra-ocular pressures measured (often referred to as the ‘’puff test’’). At Huxter & Davy Opticians, we use a gentle, hand-held instrument called an iCare tonometer to quickly obtain an accurate measurement without you having to brace yourself!

We Care About Your Eye Health

Many of us understand the importance of diet, exercise, and physical wellbeing, but we often neglect our eye health. Eyesight is one of the 5 senses that help us navigate the world around us, it is highly valuable and often taken for granted. Arranging regular check-ups will ensure that any issues are identified early, which can help to mitigate vision loss and even blindness. We are here for you, to offer expert advice and answer any questions regarding eye care. Some common eye conditions and diseases include:

Specialist Eye Care Services

Huxter & Davy Opticians are accredited with the hospital service for post cataract surgery follow up care, glaucoma community care, and the MECS (Minor eye conditions service) scheme.

In addition, one of our dispensing opticians specialises in Low Vision, for those who are partially sighted or have an existing sight impairment.

Finally, we are also a part of the MiyoSmart accreditation programme, which offers myopia control for children, through the use of specialised lenses. This helps with controlling the progression of short sightedness in children.

Dry Eyes

Dry eyes can occur as a result of numerous factors, from reduced tear production through to allergies or air quality. Furthermore, dry eyes can be uncomfortable and irritating, can leave you with stinging and burning sensations, or even cause surface abrasions if left untreated. Fortunately, Huxter & Davy Opticians can provide suitable treatment and guidance for dry eyes, whether in the form of drops for occasional issues, or lifestyle advice for long-term problems. Contact us today to discuss dry eyes.

Children's Eyecare

Although children in the UK have a vision screening in early primary school, many people do not realise they are entitled, under the NHS, to free eye examinations. This is so important, as children (and parents) are often unaware they have eye problems until much later on. Uncorrected eye problems in children can have a detrimental effect not just on their long- term vision, but on their education and wellbeing. 

Children can be tested from any age if you have concerns about their eyes. In general, we recommend from age 4, or just before they start school, as the perfect time for their first test. They do not have to able to read letters, or even sit particularly still!  

If we find your child does need glasses, we have a great range of children’s glasses and sunglasses to choose from.  

We are members of the MiyoSmart accreditation programme, which offers myopia control for children, through the use of specialised lenses.

It is estimated that myopia will affect half the global population by 2050 and this condition progresses rapidly in children under the age of 10. 

We are accredited to dispense specialist Hoya lenses that aid the control of myopia in children.

Contact Huxter & Davy Opticians

To discuss your eye health or to arrange an eye test in Looe, Torpoint, Padstow or Kingsbridge, please get in touch. 

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