What To Look For In A Reliable Optician

Qualification And Accreditation

Qualifications are important in any profession but are essential when it comes to any medical field. A qualified. To ensure that you are receiving quality reliable service, your optician must be qualified and accredited by the General Optical Council. Other accreditors include the Association of Optometrists and The Association Of British Dispensing Opticians. Keep a look out for these badges when looking for a reliable optician:

General Optical Council
The College of Optometrists


A reliable optician should have a wide selection of lenses available. Whether the customer is looking to splurge on transition lenses or is looking for affordable frames, the optician should be able to meet the needs of the customer. When it comes to eye care, you should accept nothing less than a bespoke pair of glasses, made to suit your needs.

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A reliable optician should be properly staffed to fit the demand the market places upon them. An optician that is ready to schedule a prompt appointment that is convenient for you is one that can offer you the quality eye care you deserve. 

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It is vital that all frames and lenses sold by a reliable optician come with a warranty. If an optician that willing to guarantee their confidence in the lenses and frames that they sell is one that you can be confident in too.

Know your rights as a consumer and make sure that your purchase is protected.

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Are They Open To You Asking Questions?

An optician that answers questions in a simple and open manner is one that you can rely on. It both means that they understand their field of expertise and that are not attempting to upsell you with indecipherable industry jargon.

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Do They Let You Use Your Old Lenses?

Often enough, there is nothing wrong with your glasses when you come in for a new pair. All that has really changed is your prescription. In that case, you should be able to simply swap new lenses into your old frames. A reliable optician will be sure to offer this service and will never pressure you into buying a new pair of frames that you don’t need.

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