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The Dangers Of Cheap Glasses

To some people, cheap glasses might seem like an easy way around a hefty investment. Glasses are fragile, and easily lost, and you probably needed your prescription updated anyway.

Unfortunately, there are reasons why cheap glasses are just so cheap. Be sure to check out our list of reasons why you should think twice before buying cheap glasses:

They’re Flimsy

Glasses are thin and light by design. Making them with cheap materials using poor craftsmanship virtually guarantees a pair of glasses that will not last. Worse, glasses that can give out on you at any time also present a serious health risk. Putting glass less than an inch from your eyes suddenly becomes a lot more dangerous when the glass and the frames holding them are liable to break at any moment.

It is important to know your budget when buying a pair of glasses. However, there are some trade-offs that simply should not be made when choosing the best pair for you. Your health is one of them.

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Cheap Glasses’ Lenses Are Often Not To Spec

Cheap lenses, if they take your prescription at all, are unlikely to be relied on. Shaping glass to someone’s specific prescription is something that requires both skill and the proper equipment. Cheap glasses are unlikely to use either.

Cheap is cheap for a reason.

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Over-The-Counter Reading Glasses Are Not Glasses

Some, especially those who are far-sighted, may be tempted to buy a pair of over-the-counter reading glasses. 

These glasses are usually much cheaper than prescriptions. Unfortunately, this is because, essentially, they are just magnifying glasses in frames.

While occasionally usable for short spans of time, these glasses can cause headaches, eye strain, and nausea when used for extended periods. This is because the glass is not actually correcting your sight, only magnifying the image.

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You Lose More Money In The Long Term With Cheap Glasses

Saving money on glasses can, paradoxically, mean spending more in the short term:

A cheap pair of glasses, which are maybe sort of alright, could last someone out of the shop. Then, within a few months, the temples have worn away and are digging into your ears. At least one lens is loose from its frame and the nose pads have snapped off. So, you have to buy another pair.

Meanwhile, a good, well-made pair of glasses will last for years and years. Someone who buys a good pair of glasses can keep using them, all the way up until they need a new prescription. And even then, they can reuse the frames.

Buying cheap glasses ends with you spending twice as much money over the same amount of time and then you still won’t have a good pair of glasses.

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